Front Door Ministry

First Lutheran is an urban church, located in an area with economic troubles. People often come to the church looking for help—needing food, gas money, prescriptions, or other assistance. LEAF (Love Emergency Aid Fund) was created in 1982 to meet that need. In 2013, other downtown churches joined together to expand the program, renaming it Front Door Ministry. Through this ministry, dozens of people receive assistance each week.

Funds come from extra donations by First Lutheran members and from the other downtown churches. People in need meet with a staff member or volunteer, who evaluates their need and provides appropriate assistance. Careful records are kept to ensure that help goes to those who are truly in need. First Lutheran is widely known in the local community as a place to go for help. Staff and volunteers have formed many relationships with the area poor as a result of this program.

Need Help?

Front Door Ministry is currently operating on Tuesdays between 10:00-11:30am. You don't need an appointment; anyone is welcome to drop in!