Lorain County Free Clinic

Founded in 1986, the Lorain County Free Clinic continues to play a significant role in bridging the gap for the medically uninsured seeking access to quality health care. Services provided include primary care, referral, vision, and prescription drug programs. The Free Clinic moved in 2017 to a wonderful new office at 5040 Oberlin Ave. in Lorain; their phone number is (440) 277-6641.

The Free Clinic was originally initiated by a group of local clergy from the Lutheran Co-operative Ministry, including Pastor Woody Chamberlain and Pastor Jimmy Madsen from First Lutheran. Area physicians and community activists joined to help respond to the growing needs of the uninsured in Lorain. Area hospitals and medical professionals continue to donate time and services, usually on a rotating basis by referral, or after normal office hours.

First Lutheran continues to provide financial support to the Free Clinic. Its director since 1995 is Paul Baumgartner, a member of the church.

(information from www.lcfreeclinic.org)