First Lutheran has a long tradition of quality music. We strive to combine the enduring classics of the Christian tradition (with a special focus on the Lutheran heritage) with the finest of new and global music. David Boe, former Professor of Organ and Dean of the Conservatory at Oberlin College, served the congregation from 1961-2002. Under his leadership, the keystone of First Lutheran's music program—the Brombaugh organ—was installed. A tradition of excellent choral and ensemble music was also established, which continues today. Since the Brombaugh organ was destroyed along with the church building in the 2014 fire, plans have been made for a new organ built by Paul Fritts & Company.

The current Director of Music, Brian Wentzel, has focused on increasing the diversity of music at First Lutheran, while retaining its high quality. Gospel music, Gregorian chant, and guitars are now heard alongside the classic Lutheran chorales. The FIRST•music concert series is an outgrowth of the music program which shares First Lutheran's musical resources with the surrounding community.