Faith Formation

The Christian faith is a life-long journey that begins with baptism, and we travel through various stages on the way. In addition to regular Sunday School classes for children, our congregation recognizes several important junctures in the journey of young people and offers assistance to parents who are raising their children in the faith.


First Grade Bibles

As children enter the first grade and start to be able to read, First Lutheran gives them a picture and story Bible. Parents are encouraged to spend time with their children learning the basic Bible stories.


First Communion

All baptized children are welcome to receive communion at First Lutheran. If you believe your child is ready to start receiving communion, please speak to the pastor. Instruction is given once a year, and first communion is celebrated on the first Sunday in May.


Fourth Grade Bibles

Fourth graders are given a study Bible that will be their resource for years to come. These Bibles are used in the catechism program.



Children who are baptized as infants must at some point in life affirm the Christian faith as their own. To aid in this process, we have a three year catechism program, beginning in the seventh grade, which exposes the young people to the basics of the Christian faith. At the conclusion of the three years, students are given the opportunity to affirm their faith at a confirmation service on Pentecost Sunday.



During the final year of catechism classes, each student is "yoked" with an adult from the congregation who serves as a mentor. These are important relationships that help strengthen the ties between youth and adults in the congregation.