Students who are entering at least the seventh grade are eligible to participate in the three-year catechism program at First Lutheran. The Head to the Heart curriculum from Faith Inkubators provides the framework for Christian faith development leading to confirmation at the completion of the third year. The learning events include games, skits, music, prayer, discussion, and other tools to increase understanding of such core Christian beliefs as The Apostles' Creed, The Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, Baptism and the Eucharist. Other topics include portions of the Bible, Lutheran worship, the Reformation and current "Hot Topics."

Each student is also part of a small group of about six students headed by an adult group guide. Many students who have already been confirmed volunteer to become junior guides and also participate in these small groups. Each group practices being the body of Christ to each member by sharing service opportunities, fellowship events, discussion, worship and prayer.

Annually the students, teachers and guides attend a weekend Youth Quake and a weekend at Camp Mowana. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to enable all students to participate in these popular events.

Third-year students who are preparing for confirmation are each paired with an adult mentor for the final year. The student and mentor meet regularly to share faith experiences, to prepare for the responsibility of adult membership in the church and to prepare a meaningful stole for the student to wear at confirmation. Catechism generally meets on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour.

Anyone who has questions, would like to enroll a student, or who would like to volunteer to participate in the program should contact the church office.