Congregation Council

The Congregation Council is the main governing body of First Lutheran Church. It consists of 12 lay members, the pastor, and the treasurer. Council members serve 3-year terms. The Council is responsible for the long-range plans and priorities of the church, and is also responsible for financial and property matters. Council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm. Meetings are open to anyone, although only Council members can vote.

Congregation Council members for 2017:

  • Doug Krucinski, President
  • Doug Freeman, Vice-President
  • Matt Vosniak, Secretary
  • Diane Jones, Treasurer
  • Pastor Jimmy Madsen
  • Krell (Andy) Anderson
  • Mike Brumenschenkel
  • Peggy Chamberlain
  • David Champnoise
  • Brad Hoffman
  • Sandy Jensen
  • Michelle Mahnke
  • Michelle Milchen
  • Pastor Rosy Rivera
  • Bruce Whitman