Much work at First Lutheran is carried out by committees and their members. Committee membership is open to any member, and has an indefinite term. Contact the office if you are interested in serving on a committee, or to find out about meeting times.



The Endowment Committee is responsible for maintenance and disbursements from the church's endowment fund.

Nick Dertouzos, chairperson.



The Ghana Task Force is responsible for overseeing the church's mission in Ghana.

Chuck Workman and Kristen Anthony, chairpeople



The Learning Committee is responsible for education for all ages.

Nikki Dertouzos, chairperson.


Mutual Ministry

The Mutual Ministry Committee is a support group for staff members, serving as an intermediary between them and the congregation.

Doug Freeman, chairperson.



The Nominating Committee is responsible for filling openings in committees and the Church Council.

Catherine Bucci and Karen Mahan, chairpersons.



The Property Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all church property.

Brad Hoffman, chairperson.



The Service Committee helps to coordinate opportunities for outreach for church members.

Janis Engle, chairperson



The Support Committee is responsible for creating and overseeing the church budget.

Mike Mowrey, chairperson



The Stewardship Committee is responsible for coordinating programs to encourage members to give of their time, talents, and treasure.



The Witness Committee is responsible for coordinating evangelism efforts and welcoming members and visitors.

Larry Yeamans, chairperson.



The Worship Committee is responsible for overseeing the worship of the congregation.

Doug Freeman, chairperson.

Expense Form

Committee chairs need to sign expense forms for all committee expenses. You can download a printable expense form.