Pave the Way Fundraiser

Be a Part of Tomorrow ... Today!

First Lutheran is pleased to offer a special fundraising program to celebrate the new building. "Pave the Way" will feature commemorative pavers as the foundation of the Vigil Garden. The Vigil Garden is located on the south side of the new building, surrounding the Easter Vigil fire pit. The garden will be a place where anyone can sit, pray, and meditate.

How does the fundraiser work?

The fundraiser is a particularly appropriate campaign for the new building that literally "builds" into the structure, cementing donors' support in perpetuity. Donations are accepted in return for an engraved paver. Donors are acknowledged with their name or a special message of their choice engraved on the paver.

To donate, fill out the donation form at right (pdf) or pick one up at church. Phase One of the fundraiser runs through March 1, 2018.